We thought it was about time that we brought you another epic Supertrouser tale. This time it's about Jimmy and his Trade Supertrousers. He's been working full time as a builder as well as renovating his own house in the evenings and weekends and has clocked up quite a few hours. 

The last few months have been full throttle and Jim worked out that he's been wearing his Supertrousers for 105 days straight so far (at least 12 hours a day). No weekend breaks or time for washing... he reckons they are starting to 'wear in nicely' and 'aren't showing any signs of letting him down'. He reckons they are ready for a wash though - which is why he came in for another pair. 

His house is looking amazing - a true reflection of a builder with skills and good taste... But we knew that by his choice of pants.

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