Another episode from the Hokitika Reno at Revell:

Week 1:

Day 0:
Arrived from Nelson and got started right away. Container delivered. All old carpet removed and taken to backyard to use in landscaping. Set up storage area/tool room in west bedroom.
Day 1:
Old brick open fireplaces (south bedroom and lounge) removed. Trying to think of a way to use old bricks instead of dumping!?! Still pondering this.
Day 2:
Lounge cleared and made into temporary living space for family of 3. Cut holes in north and south bedroom ceiling for access to area after lowering ceilings. Framed north bedroom ceiling preparing to lower.
Day 3:
Officially moved into home.  We are now living at the Reno on Revell Street. Set up kitchen so it is usable but temporary. Wife on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Rearranged lounge to better accommodate family living needs and Leela napping area.
Made existing fireplace workable until we are ready to install new fireplace. It was a little dodgy when we moved in but we feel good about it now. Arranged 5 different gates/block off areas to give Leela safe boundaries.
Day 4: 
The rain finally let up a bit. Rearranged kitchen and lounge to better accommodate living, sleeping, and eating in reno home.
Laid carpet in backyard, including a path to the beach. Added more bench space to kitchen. Built shelves in container to feel more organized and able to get to timber sitting at the bottom of the pile or stuff. Fixed loan on mortgage. 
Day 5:
Rain stopped. Morning walk with Leela on beach. Rearrange sleeping and living area (done for a while). Chop wood and organize wood in shed. (Ah, that feels better) kitchen and organize kitchen essentials (Ah, that feels better) Cut down 3 meters deep of bamboo in backyard. Neighbors didn't know the fence existed. Dump run and pick up fire guard from tip shop. Make Pizza.  YUM:)
Day 6:
Frame ceiling in south bedroom to lower. Frame fireplace hole in south bedroom. Visit council to purchase permit for new fireplace, shop for new fireplace.
Day 7:
Rent GIB lifter. Purchase GIB. Unload GIB before it rains. GIB most of north and south bedroom ceiling, just the edges to go.