Week 3 of the Revell Street reno in Hokitika


Week 1:  Move into and renovation project and make living and working safe livable and workable.
Week 2:  Week of rain!  GIB north and south bedrooms.

Day 8:
Finish installing GIB on ceilings in north and south bedrooms. Start installing GIB on walls in north bedroom. Hardware store: more GIB. Found window frame in north bedroom very rotten. Found and bought D/G window on trademe. Thinned flax in backyard. Picked up window.
Day 9:  
Called for permit to gather firewood on forestry land. Gathered firewood. Removed window and rotten window frame. Replaced window.
Day 10:
Plant natives in backyard. Chop firewood. Firewood in shed before rain. Finish installing GIB on walls in north bedroom. Start removing red painted wallpaper in hall.
Day 11:
Apply for building consent for new fireplace. Remove more wallpaper. Install insulation in bedroom ceilings.
Day 12:
Install GIB on walls in south bedroom. Remove more wallpaper. Start figuring out what to do with laundry room. Temporary fix to holes in roof. Finger's crossed, no more rain inside.
Day 13:  
Move tools and storage out of west bedroom into north and south bedrooms. Laid temporary carpet in north bedroom.  Using bedroom as better access to boxed up household items/storage room. Organized south bedroom as new tool room.  Better access to tools and a better working space. Fixed leaky faucet. DOC employee came to advise on what to do with 3 ginormous invasive purple pampas grass patches in backyard.  Sounds like either an excavator or try to kill and breakdown slowly over time.
Day 14:
Remove old wardrobe in west bedroom. Remove old nails in floor in west bedroom. 4 dump runs of bricks. Nap with Leela. Source windows and doors for west side of house.  Existing ones are a bit draughty!
Another long week:)
Camine and Roo Riley