Week 6

Day 36: Bought more GIB. Laid floor in laundry.

Day: 37: GIB West bedroom walls. 

Day 38: GIB lounge walls. Fire and flue installed. Plumber started to work on laundry and toilet.

Day 39: Fire certified. Broke in Fire, burned all day to burn off paint fumes in fireplace. Landline and Internet hooked up.
Day 40: Made sunset seat. Replaced window in lounge. Finished installing GIB in lounge
Day 41: Bought more timber. Prime weather boards (This is an on going project, priming a few weather boards at a time when have a minute and the sun is out to dry. No covered area to work on this kind of project.) Exposed sewer line. Moved seat to higher spot.  
Day 42: Worked on porch area. Dug out more sand and put beam and steps in. Figured out kitchen layout. 
Week 7
Day 43: Removed third and final fireplace in kitchen.  Now large hole in kitchen. Big job. Spent rest of day gardening. 
Day 44: Tip run. Cement and junk from fireplace. Built hot water cylinder stand. 
Day 45: Started exposing bathroom floor and walls. Chopped firewood removed from house. 
Day 46: Family time. Take wife and baby to airport, off to the USA for 7 weeks and summer. They are ready for a vacation from the renovation. Started PHASE II of renovation, ready to move renovation into bathroom and kitchen. House is now less livable. 
Day 47: Rip down kitchen ceiling. Rebuilt kitchen floor. Friends stopped by and helped chopping wood and digging. 
Day 48/49: Work in Nelson for the day.