Things are progressing along with Roo's renovation project house. 2 weeks until Camine and Leela come home - chief photographers! It still looks like a construction zone but things are ticking along well. Bathroom is functioning and kitchen isn't far off. Started putting the new roof on today. 40 more days until Roo needs to go back to work in Nelson. The countdown is on! 

Week 10

Day 64: Installed shower base and plumbed shower wall. Removed old kitchen. 
Day 65: Removed kitchen lining, messy job and grim living conditions. Macrocarpa beam between kitchen and lounge. 
Day 66: Sea Kayak instruction work with Tai Poutini Polytech at Lake Brunner. 
Day 67: Tidy up. Plumber finished running pipes for toilet and kitchen area. Swapped old hot water cylinder for firewood. 
Day 68-69: First Aid instruction with Tai Poutini polytech. 
Day 70: Gravel dropped off. Installed kitchen window. Friends helped move gravel to porch area and on path to the beach. 
Week 11
Day 71: Installed shower lining and GIB in bathroom. Picked up bathroom vanity and dish drawer. 
Day 72: Shower in and running, quality of living just went up. Fixed south kitchen wall. Fixed kitchen floor. Laid plastic under kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.
Day 73: Rearranged kitchen. GIB in laundry. Took old fire to tip. Picked up oven splash back. 
Day 74: Vanity hooked up and working. Built frame for bath. Kitchen prep for Gib. Picked up oven. 
Day 75: Roof arrived. Sanded rimu beam to be used as an island bar. Built base for kitchen cabinets to sit on. 
Day 76: Leveled kitchen base. Oiled kitchen bench. Laid out kitchen. 
Day 77: Line dining room with T&G ply. Prep wet entrance fro gib.