I just rode in to work the other day in a full on southerly bomb. And contrary to what most (non Cactus) people might think, it was awesome. 

In bed I could hear the sleet hammering the bedroom window and contemplated taking the soft option and driving to work. But I love an adventure out in the elements so got up, hit the espresso machine, and got geared up. Funnily enough, as a Cactus employee I was fortunate to have the full setup of a Mountain jacket, lifties, SPG winter gloves and the essential merino tops.
I once heard a saying "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear" - it's totally true. It was pretty raw outside, really windy, cold and water coming out of the sky in varying forms. But once I warmed into the ride, it felt so good! The climb to the top was easier with the howling tail wind and being alone in the clouds and snow had that "last man on earth" feeling.
After the descent, rolling through the soaked city streets, I couldn't help but feel just a wee bit smug cruising past all the people in their cars, moving along at snails pace.
Anyway, I arrived at work, climbed out of the wet weather gear and started my day, definitely on a high.
Sometimes it seems unlikely, but if you've got the right gear, it's always a good time being out in the wild weather. Well, we think so anyway!