Stefan started building his tiny house at the end of 2013, and living full time in it since June 2014. Due to the large amount of post-earth quake recyclable housing materials available, Stefan thinks Christchurch is the best place in the world for building a tiny house at the moment. The tiny house (20m3 + 10m3 loft) also has the added benefits of being on the eco-friendly side and resilient to future natural hazards. The solar panels and LPG run the 3-way dometic fridge, water boiler, heater and oven, and he also has the plans for installing a wind generator this coming summer. Although the house has some finer finishing improvements, the house is very functional and ticking all his boxes.


To follow Stefan and to check out more about his house jump onto his Facebook page here. 

Stefan will finish uni at the end of this year, and will head for Wellington with his tiny house. He’s looking for a piece of land around the greater Wellington area. So if you’re in Wellington and have or know of something that could suit, get in touch with him via his facebook page.