We got an awesome email from Jim of Creek Cutler and felt like it was definitely worth sharing:

I bought a pair of your Trade Shorts about 4 years back when I was working as a builder in Christchurch.
I moved back to the UK after two awesome years there, and took the shorts with me.
I have been wearing them nearly every work day for the past 4 years, and they have been fantastic. From carpentry to workshop and biking. My brother also has a pair, and he is never out of them.
I've got a little workshop here where I make all sorts... including penknives and kitchen knives.
I make some handles from Micarta, which is layered material compressed in epoxy resin... work wear is great for this because the material is thick and full of character when it's worn.
So, I've had my eyes on my Cactus shorts for a while now, planning on turning them into a folding knife handle when they give up the ghost. The trouble is that they won't, and seem to have many years of abuse left in them.
So instead, I managed to get hold of some off-cuts of your material to make the handle, instead of sacrificing the shorts.
Anyway, just want to say that I love the shorts. Keep up the good work.