Fegus is quite the wee adventurer! He goes all sorts of places and does all sorts of things. He usually takes his Mum & Dad, but always takes his Gold Digger Hat. He recently sent us this email:

"My family are super keen users of your products, which never seem to wear out, and make up the majority of my Dad's wardrobe. I purchased my first cactus product at 14 months old when visiting your Christchurch store (my parents dragged me there to do their shopping) and I chose a blue golddigger hat. It was awesome, and I loved it, and took it everywhere (really everywhere, up Fiordland mountains, cycling touring round Europe, and tramping through the Canadian Rockies, and to my Playcenter every week).
I'm now two, and I hoped I would have had this hat forever and ever, or at least until my head grew bigger than the size small.  However, I've stashed it somewhere impossible to find (Mum and Dad searched everywhere), or it has blown off the bicycle, or perhaps the goblin that eats the missing socks also ate the hat...  I miss it a lot, and have concluded after 2 weeks of serious looking and asking around that it has gone. Tears all around.
So, I'm very cheekily contacting you to see if you would like to exchange some awesome promotional photos of me wearing your hat in some cool places, for a free new hat for Christmas?  Dad says he has bigger versions of those attached.  And can probably dig up more if you're after something specific (Like most kids, I've got parents who think i'm the bee's knees and take way too many photos)."

How could we resist?? These photos are amazing. These are just a few... we'll post some more of Fergus's adventures in small installments. Keep an eye out here. Maybe we'll even get a photo of Fergus in his new Gold Digger Hat!