Roo and his family have taken on a fun DIY project in Hokitika for the winter - they've purchased a rather run down house and plan to renovate. We thought it sounded like great entertainment so plan to track the progress over the next four months. Roo's a massive fan of Cactus and has been a customer for years so of course, there will be Supertrousers worn throughout the process. Here's a list of jobs: 


- Lower the ceilings 
- Re jib and paint inside
- New wood burner hooked up to a wet back
- Replace roof
- Replace plumbing
- Re clad the worst of it and paint the outside
- Insulate
- New kitchen and bathroom
- Landscape
- Fence
- Verandah 
- Re carpet through out, I'll see what the floors are like under the existing carpets. 
"That my be a little ambitious in 4 months (120 days) and my budget. I'll see what I can do. (I sent a shipping container down last week with building supplies, paint, kitchen etc that I picked up in Nelson, mostly off Trade-me and garage sales)"
Make sure to check back here for progress updates, photos and true Cactus gear testing. Good luck Roo!