Snow has arrived in Canterbury (and everywhere else). The cold weather is a bit of a shock to the system but so long as you have some Cactus kit the cold weather can only be a good thing. You can't complain about skiing powder in May.


The Cactus marketing department went to investigate conditions on Sunday. There were a few people up on the mountains enjoying the fresh snow. Lots of great Cactus gear to be seen - and it seems like the Cactus car sticker is a prerequisite for back country folk. No lifts are open yet so only keen beans who don't mind the climb were out - and it was well worth it. 


Thanks to Sam Grummitt & Rich Goldsbury for the photos above.


The ultimate Cactus ski touring kit would include: Patrol pack or Sedition, Lifties or Dreadnought pants, Mountain Jacket, Cactus Merino, SPG Gloves and a Beanie