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25/01/17 10:04 AM

Vaughan in his Cactus Trade Supershorts & Tee - automatic Builder cred.



Vaughan and Anna are building an off the grid house in Governors Bay, Banks Peninsula and we think it's worth talking about. Not only are the views spectacular, they've made some great decisions on architecture, materials and building style.


The house is going to be fully insulated with Maxraft floor slab and underfloor heating while the whole building will be insulated to 2.4 x the building code. The house is completely off grid, powered with solar panels and batteries and the waste system is a vermiculture system (using worms and stuff). Their water supply is all from roof collection.

Vaughan & Anna looking like natural born builders. 

Vaughan and Anna are building it themselves with help from 'real builders'. Vaughan's day job until now has been building Clip n Climb climbing walls and is part owner of Christchurch bouldering gym, Uprising.

Some of the things Vaughan and Anna have been making from scratch are concrete bench tops, concrete hand basins, kitchen cabinetry, dining table and chairs and all of the internal doors are made of solid rimu recycled from a demolished house. 

 Not a bad spot to be 'working' every day. 



It's certainly an inspiring project which Cactus is keen to follow. Check back here for an update soon. 



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Trees for Canterbury in Cactus gear

Trees for Canterbury is a well-established community organisation aimed to employ, educated and regenerate. The idea was conceived – to create small nurseries that could supply community groups and organisations with the trees that they required.  The main initial sites of the Trees For Canterbury project were Cathryn’s back yard and Nicho Greig’s back yard. Back yard nurseries were set up in various other places around Christchurch and eventually all this was focussed on a site in Opawa Road. For more information go to their website.

Cactus likes to join forces with great organisations like Trees for Canterbury so has happily provided a few of the Trees for Canterbury volunteers with some Supertrousers - perfect to get dirty and wet in. These pictures are from a planting a couple of weeks ago at Styx Mill. What a great turn out. 

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