Timberworks were recently in Tai Tapu raising one of their frames and realised that the workforce, the owners and their dogs were clearly all major fans of Cactus clothing, accessories and mongrel mats! They took a photo to demonstrate this fact. You may notice that even the design of the trusses seem to have been influenced by Cactus, the internal braces traditionally curve downwards but unusually here they curve upwards in a style familiar to us!


Timberworks are a specialist craft business using old world skills in a modern context. They take relatively humble elements of a building and make them into a fabulous feature, bringing a character, warmth and ‘wow’ factor to a home that only timber can do. Making the ordinary extraordinary, gives great satisfaction - many parallels with Cactus clothing!


This particular project is very special as the owner had the foresight to plant the trees some 26 years ago, prune and maintain them and recently fell and mill them himself before entrusting Timberworks to apply their craft.


Thanks Martin and Timberworks for sharing their awesome photo and story.