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Our legendary super durable, super comfortable winter ski/work pants. You won’t find tougher trousers anywhere.

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Our Dreadnought HD’s have been around a while now and have definitely developed something of an underground cult following due to their surprising comfort, superior breathability and absolutely incomparable durability. While they have become the ski pant of choice for those who demand the ultimate in burliness, you’ll also find them exceeding the expectations of those working in demanding conditions around the globe.

The HD’s were born of the notion that working/living/playing in tough environments (especially cold ones) didn't need to mean that you had to compromise comfort or durability. Originally designed for telemark skiing by Mark Schafer, these have been refined and redesigned over the years.

Constructed from our Premium 12oz C-Canvas, these will outlast any other trouser - full stop. Our usual philosophy of making “gear that wear in not out” applies – these will get better and better with age. These are seriously heavy duty yet very warm and comfortable. However, if you find yourself spending more time in slush than fresh powder then our Lifties might be a better bet.

  • Super durable and highly wearable 12oz C-Canvas to help when you are looking down the barrel of a full season with a questionable amount of cash
  • High back waist design for good overlap/warmth
  • Pre-bent leg to keep movement free when it's all happening fast
  • Webbing cinch cuffs for locking the snow out
  • 2 handy front zip pockets for your lip stuff/cash etc
  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship


  • Colour: Henry Ford Black
  • Weight: 1210grams (Medium)
  • Fabrics: C-Canvas, C-600n6


  • Our canvas has a water resistant coating which can shift and discolour through the initial break in period
  • Use mild detergent or pure soap (preferably one that's nice to the environment)
  • For best results handwash until the garment is broken in. Machine washing is fine after this
  • Drip dry without creases (it won't take long as the polyester in the fabric doesn't hold much water)
  • Close zips while washing (they'll last longer)
  • If you get poked by a probe after avvy burial, you'll get a bruise but the burly canvas fabric will just laugh it off (even if you don't).  If you do somehow manage to hole it though, send it back and we'll patch it. Good luck trying!
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email



The ducks nutsReview by Jake
I'd lose my balls if they weren't in a bag so the zips on the pockets are a massive selling point.

I take these off and they stand up on their own, I don't know what the material is on the knees and ass but I could grate cheese with it. If they ever get a hole I will eat what's left of them.

I'm an XL and the girth in the leg makes floundering around in the garage so easy, I've decided I'm never wearing overalls again, these and Cactus's apron are a solid combination.

When cactus make some stubbies and a welding jacket I will be buying these also, do it.

(Posted on 2/07/15)
Tough enough for moto use.Review by Tiggy
I wore a pair of these bad boys 20,000km riding a child's version of a motorcycle from Alaska to Honduras.

I had a tyre blowout in the middle of nowhere and hit the road in these things at 90kmh. My jacket ripped, my collarbone broke and my Dreadnoughts just looked slightly cleaner. Seriously, I think they liked it.

The knee pads are a huge addition of awesomeness when you are crawling around all day fixing punctures and hunting for microscopic pieces of carburetor that you forgot to tighten on properly.

They kept me dry in weather up until the point where it was terrible riding anyway. If you let water pool on the crotch it would eventually drip through.

I had to leave my Dreddies in Honduras after a med evac but with another trip in the pipeline I'm paying close to the RRP to get them sent back over for me :) I thought about getting some new ones but the old ones have sentimental value and are nicely worn in.

Keep it up Cactus, you weirdos.

xoxo (Posted on 29/06/15)
Just "wow"Review by Dean
Nephew who was in NOLS training in NZ brought these back - helped that I had them shipped to him :)

My Patagonia ski pants, after *gasp* 30 years, needed replacement. Knowing the HD's, I knew what was going to take me through next several decades of bombing around on the slopes. Thanks for making the best gear bar none. (Posted on 19/04/15)
I can't speak enough of these pants.Review by Alistair
From old website: I can't speak enough of these pants. I've only tried them out a couple of times so far this year snowboarding in the Australian Snowy Mountains but the terrain was patchy and icy and these pants handled no problem while my brand new top of the range goretex pants ripped last year in much better conditions. Extremely weatherproof and still very good movement for such heavy duty pants. Slightly heavier but who cares as you quickly get used to them. I can see these lasting a solid five to ten years with frequent use. At the start of every season you'd just need to reproof the canvas I reckon but I was in moderate rain and snow conditions and it just beaded off and I stayed bone dry. Don't go for goretex - go the Dreadnoughts. (Posted on 16/10/14)
tough and durableReview by omulitalo
From old website: Since my sister bought these as a present for me 5yrs ago, I haven't used any other pants on the snow since. Haven't needed to either. Fact, they're so tough and durable that I've had to give em away so that I can justify buying the newer version!! (Posted on 16/10/14)
serve me well for yearsReview by andrewluedecke
From old website: Just wanted to drop you a line to feedback on your product.
Bought a pair of HD's this winter and am rapt with them. Perfect fit, keep me dry, warm and breathe well. Hiking back to base in a Snowy Mtns Perisher storm 80kmh wind and -25 w/chill no probs, nice and cosy. And tough too! These pants should serve me well for years.
Cheers Cactus :-) (Posted on 16/10/14)
10 outa 10Review by Fred
From old website: I have enjoyed other Cactus trousers before but this is the first time Iʼve used HDʼs and they are definitely a tough bit of gear.
Two of us are spending the winter in Antarctica doing some filming for a documentary and we spend every day outside no matter the weather conditions. The first thing we put on in the morning are the HDʼs and usually the last thing we take off at the end of the day.
Most days we ski to work across the sea ice to where an emperor penguin rookery is located, we then spend the day scrabbling around the rocky islands looking for a good spot to film from or are on hands and knees crawling through a layer of penguin nard and all the while dragging our cameras and tripods. The HDʼs have been put through the ringer and come up high on our list of essential kit, not only for the toughness but also the little things like padded knees and straps on the cuffs.
Once again 10 outa 10 !!! (Posted on 16/10/14)
100% protectionReview by andyvanman
From old website: OK, so I brought my HD’s into the office to show a colleague, and just for a laugh I wore them to a “rebranding” meeting being held by the marketing team. The results? I can confirm that Dreadnought HD’s give 100% protection against horrible sticky corrosive marketing bullsh*t. By the end of the meeting my upper body was soaked and feeble and I had a nasty headache, but my legs were dry and safe. Thanks to Cactus I made it back to my desk to recover. (Posted on 16/10/14)

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