Slim Supertrousers Mens

Like the original Supertrousers - durable, comfortable, awesome for work and play... but in a slim fit.

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If the colour or size you want is not showing, we are probably out of stock. Email or call us to find out when they will be here or to place a backorder –, 0800 122 682.


Due to popular demand we bring you Slim Fit Supertrousers. These will tuck into your gumboots easier, hook up less and are just as hardcore as your standard Supertrousers. Apart from the slimmer fit the only other difference to standard Supertrousers is a new waist band for added comfort. They also look really stylish around town ... and we're okay with that.

If you are on the tall side and after longer Slim Supertrousers, you need  Extra Long Slim Supertrousers

Note that the colour will lighten with use and washing as the natural cotton content of the fabric won't take a dye fixative in the same way as a 100% synthetic fabric.

Our new Premium C-Canvas is just as hardwearing as the classic Cactus canvas, but has a more comfortable finishing weave, so requires less breaking in time.

  • Exclusive Premium C-Canvas. Durable and great to wear
  • Made by happy people who’ll be even happier if you buy some
  • Handle tricky manoeuvres with the articulated knee design
  • Casual styling which can handle almost any social situation
  • Clothing related embarrassing situations are minimised by YKK zips (because they’re the best) and bar-tacks at all stress points
  • Phone pocket for easy access to your digital companion
  • Cactus-Tough Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in New Zealand


Fabric: Premium C-Canvas

Weight: 780 grams (Medium)


  • Use mild detergent or pure soap (preferably one that's nice to the environment)
  • Our canvas has a water resistant coating which can shift and discolour through the initial break in period
  • For best results handwash until the garment is broken in - machine washing is fine after this
  • Washing inside out will minimise lighter coloured creases on the outside of the fabric, but won’t remove stains quite as well
  • Drip dry without creases (it won't take long as the polyester in the fabric doesn't hold much water)
  • Close zips while washing (they'll last longer)
  • If you get attacked by a pig and the fabric gets holed while saving your reproductive potential send them back and we'll patch ‘em for a small fee
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email

See our very helpful instructional video on how to care for your Supertrousers on Youtube: How to Wash your Cactus Supertrousers


See our very helpful instructional video on how to care for your Supertrousers on Youtube: How to Wash your Cactus Supertrousers


If you are long in the leg and think you need longer Slim Supertrousers then you need Slim Supertrousers Extra Long

If you are short in the leg and would like these hemmed then you need to add Hem Shorter to this order.

Custom Length

  • Custom leg lengths are available from -10cm shorter to +10cm longer.
  • The leg lengths of the standard Supertrousers fit 95% of people just fine, but for those of you who need them longer or shorter we can customise. 
  • If you would like your Supertrousers hemmed to be shorter then you need to add Hem Shorter to this order where you can specify the length. This will cost $25.
  • For longer Supertrousers you need to go to Slim Supertrousers Extra Long and then specify your length in the "Hem length" drop-down menu.

  • Please note that custom length shorts and trousers cannot be returned so please choose and measure carefully - call or email us if you are not sure.


Slide down hills on ya bum!Review by Hamish
Purchased a pair of Slim Supertrousers in 2018 for a 3 week trip to Alaska. I wanted something I didn't have to wash, could wear to the bar and would survive an encounter with a grizzly bear ( even if I didn't ). They lived up to my expectations and they are so damn tough they must have scared away all the bears because we only saw one baby. The fit is good, if anything with some room to spare and durability is convincing straight away. (Posted on 14/12/19)
Will perform in rough circumstancesReview by Roger
I have been wearing the pants for a day, and even though they are XL, it seems the amount of material between the waist and the crotch is not sufficient to prevent my family jewels being crushed when I try to hike the pants over my hips. This could be due to my gratuitous hind, but I feel like they could do with an additional inch of clearance here. Other than that I really like them. Premium material has a nice texture, and seems tough. I have no doubts they will perform in rough circumstances.
4/5 (Posted on 10/05/19)
Fit is bang onReview by Rhino
Was wondering before I bought them how slim the fit is and will they sit weird, so if you're wondering the same thing, fear not. The fit is sweet. Not too slim, but a way better cut than the original, in my opinion. No restriction in movement, and the premium C canvas is comfy straight out of the box. Make the trade pants in this cut please! (Posted on 29/08/18)

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