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Cactus merino - warmer, faster drying and stronger than regular merino. Sheesh!

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Just when you thought you couldn't get anything better than merino for outdoor work or play... we bring you Cactus merino! And now with a fancy print.

So what's so blimin good about it? In a nutshell:



The secret is in how the fibres are held together. Traditionally, fibres are twisted together for strength but in the process, the ends poke out, giving materials like wool their characteristic of the itchy Grandma's home knitted jersey feel.

Like wringing out a cloth, air pockets are squeezed out too. Cactus merino on the other hand, lays the fibres along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn, so fabrics feel more comfortable. Because more of the insulating air is retained, Cactus merino materials are warmer and loftier than ring spun materials.


• 91% merino, 9% Nylon

• 185gsm


• Hand wash in cold water (separately for first wash as colour may bleed)

• Line dry

• Do not use bleach

• Do not dry clean



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