Workshop apron

This is an industrial style apron designed for 'manly' jobs in the workshop.

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If you're after an apron to bake muffins with then this is not the apron for you. This is an industrial style apron designed for 'manly' jobs in the workshop. Made from Proofed European 8oz WK-Canvas and built to withstand anything from lunch splatters to oil and grease, shards of metal, welding sparks or blades (well to an extent). Also would suit extreme baristas or barbequing. 

  • Super durable and washable proofed European 8oz C-Canvas

  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps with bombproof aluminium buckles

  • Pockets and straps for tools, pens, phone

  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship


  • Colour: Black (it's the new black)
  • Fabric: Proofed C-Canvas
  • Weight: 380 grams


  • Use mild detergent or pure soap (preferably one that's nice to the earth)
  • Our canvas has a water resistant coating which can shift and discolour through the initial break in period
  • For best results handwash until the garment is broken in. Machine washing is fine after this
  • Drip dry without creases (it won't take long as the polyester in the fabric doesn't hold much water)
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email


An honest review...Review by Wazza
I am a serious BBQer and received the Cactus Workshop Apron (a serious piece of kit) as an awesome present 3 years ago. Not only does it stop fat and blood spatter oh and vege juice from transferring onto your glad rags but brings a ruggedness and yet sophistication that rivals 007!! And this is where the Apron really excels!!
I was BBQing on the deck and the smell drove local passers by insane next thing I knew I was being attacked by three frothing at the mouth maniacs, two of them punched me hitting the apron it deflected their shots while also breaking their hands the third maniac drew a knife and tried to gut stab me (I know serious stuff eh) well he hit the apron and the knife blade snapped harmlessly. I quickly closed the lid to the BBQ and the maniacs quickly came to their senses apologised and headed to A & E. This is not where the amazing powers of the apron ends! A few weeks later I had imbibed a number of liquid refreshments before prepping my BBQ ingredients and subsequently ended up putting the apron on backwards. What a laugh! so as I walked outside to remove it, I tripped and fell but the apron was now a cape and I flew across the backyard hitting and destroying the fence. I was totally unharmed. I am keen to test its abilities at stopping bullets but at this stage my wife won't let me. Like I said the Cactus Apron is a serious piece of kit! (Posted on 18/01/19)
the duck's nutsReview by Jacob
Arrived today, had to crank up the grinder and get some sparks flying, excellent piece of kit. The buckles are a thing of beauty, long pocket on right hand side holds a handful of electrodes when welding, and your stinger clips onto the webbing over the pocket so it's always handy. Would definitely recommend this apron. (Posted on 8/11/18)

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