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  • Do-gooder

    1 Review(s)
    The Cactus tote bag for your trips to the market, supermarket, or when you just need something to take the beers and sausages to the BBQ.
    NZD $49.00
  • Jandals

    A kiwi summer essential … the Cactus Jandal.

    NZD $25.00
  • Cactus Logo Sock

    A lightweight merino sock with reflective Cactus logo

    NZD $40.00
  • Pod Wallet

    Our take on the needs for the ultimate wallet.
    NZD $30.00
  • Phone Pouch

    A strong and simple cellphone pouch. Now in 5 sizes!

    NZD $30.00
  • Grippin Belt - 25mm

    The original Cactus Belt - versatile belt for any use. Tie me up baby!
    NZD $25.00
  • Grippin Belt - 38mm

    The original Cactus Belt - versatile belt for any use. Tie me up baby!
    NZD $38.00
  • SUB - Small Utility Bag

    Small Utility Bag

    NZD $25.00NZD $39.00

  • Nail Pouch

    Handy pockets that attach to your belt.

    NZD $0.00

    Out of stock

  • Mini Tool Roll

    Handy organiser for your tool sets

    NZD $35.00
  • Cactus Sock

    Let's have a warm (literally) welcome to the Cactus sock

    NZD $35.00
  • Otterwax Fabric Wax 5oz

    Heavy duty fabric wax for canvas products.
    NZD $27.95
  • Classic Chalkbag

    1 Review(s)
    The original Cactus chalkbag. First conceived by Gwilym way back in the late '80s.
    NZD $49.00
  • Beanie

    Prices vary with size. Warm fluffy thing for your head. Three sizes. Not much more marketing hype that can be added to that...

    NZD $29.00
  • Micro Wallet

    The no-nonsense credit card sized wallet.
    NZD $25.00
  • Pack Cover Hi Vis

    3 Review(s)
    A Cactus quality Hi-Vis Yellow Day Pack Cover to keep you safe and sound on your bike and on foot around dodgy traffic.
    NZD $45.00
  • Gift Certificate

    The stress-free gift option.

    NZD $25.00NZD $100.00

17 Item(s)

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