DB Boardstraps

Our proprietary board holding strap system

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Our DB Boardstraps are our proprietary double purchase board straps. Initially they were seen on our old Sedition packs and after retro-fitting many pairs to Deepwinters we've decided to make them modular on many of our alpine packs: All Deepwinters (any model), Patrol Pack, Miklat, Vacuole, Foray (any model), Hector (with nothing in front pocket) and pretty much any other pack with 2 compression straps.

Ask us if you're not sure if they'll fit to your pack.

  • C-Reo board holders lock down securely on your board and withstand your nice sharp edges better than anything else we can imagine
  • If you wrap them around twice they carry skis really well too


  • Colour: Black
  • Weight (pair): 150 grams


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