Do-Gooder Billboard Ara

A Cactus Do-Gooder made from recycled ARA billboard skins. These tote bags are all unique and feature strong blue hues, a bit of matrix like code and some cool bits of text.

Note: the bag pictured is just a representation.

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These tote bags are all unique and feature strong blue hues, a bit of matrix like code on some and some cool bits of text. Products that are good for people and good for the planet are our jam. So, when one of our crew had the brainwave to re-purpose some old billboards that were destined for landfill into Cactus bags, we didn't think twice. Expertly sewn by the team here in Christchurch, this billboard skin has a new lease on life as a Do-Gooder tote bag. No two bags are the same - each one cut from a different piece of the billboard - so if you order online, our dispatch team will pick the design for you - think lucky dip! If you'd rather choose the pattern yourself please come in-store. These Do-Gooders are made from an ARA billboard. The Do-Gooder features everything a normal Do-Gooder tote bag has ie deep for good carrying capacity, pre-bent straps that stay on your shoulder and an internal pocket to make sure your phone/wallet/keys aren't always at the bottom. These bags are an awesome little slice of up-cycled goodness and are the perfect pack for cruising around town, day tripping or commuting. They also come with what we are fondly calling 'battlescars'. This means there are the usual creases you might expect to see on something that's been something else in a former life. If you're the sort of person who likes your Hugo Boss "just so" and often wears one of those weird pieces of fabric stuff into your suit chest pocket, these bags aren't for you. However, if you believe that whether it be your body or your bag, it looks better when it shows the impacts of a life well-lived, you might just want to take a look at these puppies.


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