Windpro Jacket

A very warm, heavy-duty, uncompromising fleece jacket.

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We've stepped it up a notch in the fleece department. We've not only got the most simple, trusty fleece you could want (here), but now we've introduced an extreme, heavy-duty, work specific fleece jacket. It's ideal for when your Down Jacket is just too much but you need more than just your merino.

This jacket hasn't happened over night - it's a result of customer requests, rigorous testing and some well thought out designing. 

It's called the Windpro Jacket for a reason. It's made from Wind Shield fleece to withstand those nasty cold winds. The blurb on the packet says it's 3 times more wind resistant than traditional fleece, greatly reduces windchill, provides warmth without the weight, it's extremely breathable and does not retain perspiration.

Because we never do things by halves, we've also added a tough windproof polyester/cotton reinforcing fabric on the front, shoulders and arms – ideal for when you've got the 4x2 on your shoulder or when you're grovelling around on your elbows. Did we mention the chest pockets? Yep - there are two. One has a top opening with a flap, and is positioned for keeping your note pad and pen handy. The second is a sneaky side-zipped number on the other side. 

Add in some deep fleece-lined hand pockets, positioned high and out of the way of pack or tool belts, and we reckon you've got quite an awesome warm, durable functional garment. Enjoy!

Made in New Zealand and like all of our products, comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and workpersonship. 




100% Premium Quality 350gsm Italian Polyester Microfibre Wind Shield Fleece

65% polyester 35% cotton reinforcing fabric

100% Nylon binding

Weight: 790g (size Large)


Gentle machine warm wash on a short cycle. Tumble dry. 

Do not iron, dry clean or bleach.



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